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Ardyn R. Wyatt CSWA CPF

Becoming acquainted with your Self feels like coming home. 


Often the pain of traumatic events, as well as self-destructive beliefs, keeps us from experiencing our true nature. In my practice I begin with the assumption that every one of us has the ability to access this inner intelligence to receive comfort, insight and healing. I focus on creating an environment that is warm, accepting and inclusive, a safe and gentle space where we're able to consider the pain that keeps you separated from this Self. We will explore your inner landscape with open-hearted curiosity and nurture a dialogue with your inherent wisdom. My primary role is to help you understand the unique challenges that inhibit your wholeness, and to support you in the growth and integration you’ll experience as you accept those challenges. 


In this process I use a variety of approaches, including elements of Mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Somatic Therapy and Transpersonal Psychology. With insight, I'm often able to assume the role of coach, supporting you in creating a future based on your interests, values and strengths. Each of these approaches has their benefit, depending on the needs of my client.


As a Certified Psilocybin Facilitator in Oregon, a practitioner of mindfulness for over 30 years, and a student of depth psychology, I have a unique understanding of issues related to trauma, healing and transpersonal journeys. In these particular areas of focus, I enjoy working with individuals who are committed to the integration of their psychedelic experiences to create clarity, peace and a life worth living.

"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek."

Joseph Campbell

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Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. Lao Tzu


It's our brain's job to interpret events and assign

meaning. When these interpretations become habitual thought patterns that focus on unresolved events or

losses, depression, anxiety and grief can occur. Healing takes place as we become more conscious of these

habits of thought, allowing us to create new definitions, choices and behaviors. In this approach I use elements of Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and

Acceptance Commitment Therapy. 


Self-destructive beliefs passed down through generations can affect our sense of well being at an unconscious level. Similarly, harmful life events can often overwhelm our nervous system, causing a trauma response that lodges deep in our mind and body. Resolution and healing happen as these hidden wounds are gently uncovered and consciously reintegrated. In this process I use elements of Mindfulness, Internal Family Systems and Somatic Therapy.


In recent studies psilocybin has been shown to be effective in the treatment of depression and anxiety. Unlike conventional medications, the ultimate benefit

of psilocybin is influenced by the client's state of

mind at the time of administration. For a client who is 

planning a psilocybin session to address

mental and emotional issues, I provide supportive, intentional preparation for their psychedelic experience. In this role I use elements of Mindfulness, Cognitive Therapy and  creativity coaching.

During a psilocybin session a client may

experience a wide range of phenomenon. Depending

on environmental factors, the dosage and their state of mind, they may access memories, insights and subconscious themes that play a part in their mental

and emotional well being. As a clinician and a

Certified Psilocybin Facilitator, my role is to support my clients as they explore the meaning of their psilocybin experience and to facilitate their efforts to integrate this meaning into their daily life.  



"The doctors found a mass the size of a lime in Michael's brain."


When the World Trade Center came crashing down, I made a promise to be

a better person. Only weeks later, I found myself faced with a life-altering choice. Do I stay with Michael, the man who had exploited me for nearly ten years? Or do

I leave the hospital and let him face death alone?

Forgiven is a story of hope, a faithful account of my journey to heal the wounds and trauma of my Mormon heritage and expose the truth I wanted to realize more than any other.

Forgiven is a love story, a letter to my two daughters that chronicles the personal choices that transformed my life from one of despair and confusion to one of peace, joy and love that never dies.

Available soon on Amazon




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